Contain COVID-19 and
Restart the Economy

Without Sacrificing Privacy

Contain COVID-19 and Restart the Economy

Without Sacrificing Privacy

Google Apple Exposure Notification

  • Exposure notification with Bluetooth
  • Flexible customization for each health department
  • Full, end-to-end solution
  • Free and open source software

GPS+ Digital Contact Tracing

  • Enhanced manual contact tracing tools
  • Hot spot exposure notifications
  • Privacy-preserving consumer mobile app
  • Free and open source software

Together We Can Stop the Spread

By working together we can contain coronavirus and restart the economy.


  • Help your community and family stay safe
  • Keep track of places you visit
  • Work with health officials if you get COVID-19
  • Be notified and take action if you’re exposed
  • Protect your privacy and freedom

Health Officials

  • Provide testing
  • Identify contacts and exposures
  • Notify people of potential exposure
  • Support social distancing
  • Protect patient privacy
You can download the PathCheck app today and start keeping your private location and symptom diaries on your phone. See a list of health departments that integrate directly with the PathCheck app.

Solutions for Health Departments,
Employers, and Universities

Free, open source software to contain spread and reopen communities.

GAEN Solution

PathCheck has a customizable mobile app and server solution for the Google Apple Exposure Notification API.

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GPS+ Solution

PathCheck is a customizable mobile app to digitally enhance testing, tracing, and response programs with GPS and other capabilities.

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Professional Tools

PathCheck SafePlaces is an online tool that supports contact tracing interviews and publishing hotspot maps for exposure notification.

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A Community Think Tank for
COVID-19 & Technology

PathCheck Foundation is committed to sharing knowledge and building standards.

Free Events

Join our online webinars and symposiums to learn more about technologies helping to contain COVID-19.


Read white papers, articles, and academic research about contact tracing, exposure notification, GPS, and more.


Follow the latest developments at PathCheck and in the movement for privacy-preserving public health.

PathCheck Foundation

PathCheck is a global movement of volunteers, software developers, health professionals, and organizations dedicated to creating open source software and disseminating information and standards to help contain COVID-19 and restart the economy.

Core Values

  • Communities will win together
  • Privacy & security come first
  • You control your data