Contain COVID-19 and Revitalize the Economy Without Sacrificing Privacy

Open source software for delivering exposure notification solutions in states and countries. Customizable COVID-19 mobile app in less than 30 days.

  • Uses Google Apple Bluetooth APIs
  • Proven app in many jurisdictions
  • Customizable for your needs
  • Deploy fast and scales quickly

Solutions for Governments, States and Countries

Free, open source software to contain spread and reopen communities.

Full-Featured Exposure Notification App

PathCheck has a customizable full-featured mobile app and server solution for the Google Apple Exposure Notification API. Click here to get started.

EN Express Advisory Services

PathCheck provides free advisory services to help states evaluate whether they want to use a full-featured app or start with EN Express. Through this service, we also help states with their EN Express deployments. On Android, PathCheck can launch the app in coordination with Google and create a roadmap for the full app. On iOS, PathCheck can create and deploy an app that is consistent with the Android app. Click here to get started.

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Professional Services

Each jurisdiction has unique needs that are foundational to how they approach their roll-out of a digital public health solution to support their efforts in containing COVID-19. To assist the roll-out of our open source solutions, and supplement existing resources, PathCheck provides a range of pro-bono and paid services to support your planning efforts.


    • Pro-Bono Quick Start
    • Project management
    • Planning and Program Design
    • Implementation and Launch Services including Integration assistance for APHL ENS Server, Marketing and Communications, Study design and analytics
    • App Maintenance Services
    • Server Operation and Maintenance Services

    A Community Think Tank for

    COVID-19 & Technology

    PathCheck Foundation is committed to sharing knowledge and building standards.

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    Join our online webinars and symposiums to learn more about technologies helping to contain COVID-19.


    Read white papers, articles, and academic research about contact tracing, exposure notification, GPS, and more.


    Follow the latest developments at PathCheck and in the movement for privacy-preserving public health.

    PathCheck Foundation

    PathCheck Foundation, a spin-off from MIT, is developing and deploying digital pandemic response solutions in multiple US states and nations. The non-profit is a global movement of professionals, software developers, health experts, and organizations dedicated to creating open source software and disseminating information and standards. PathCheck is committed to sustained innovation in this rapidly evolving pandemic to help contain COVID-19 and restart the economy. 


    Core Values

    • Communities will win together
    • Privacy & security come first
    • You control your data