The PathCheck GPS+ Solution

The PathCheck GPS+ solution provides an alternative to GAEN that uses GPS and eventually other location sensors to enhance manual contact tracing efforts without sacrificing privacy and personal freedom. 

PathCheck SafePlaces

PathCheck SafePlaces is a mobile app designed to help users keep track of where they travel without giving up their privacy. SafePlaces gives users tools to protect their communities without sacrificing personal liberty. SafePlaces is designed to be extensible, so health departments and other organizations using the application can extend it with new functionality. 

PathCheck SafePlaces CT

PathCheck SafePlaces CT is a suite of web tools for contact tracers. SafePlaces CT is immediately useful as a way to record location data in standard interviews. Paired with the SafePlaces mobile app, SafePlaces CT makes it possible to quickly identify areas of concern and notify citizens of the risk of exposure and how to take action.

Privacy by Design

PathCheck SafePlaces is designed to preserve privacy and individual liberty:

  • Data are only shared with the users consent. 
  • Data from healthy users never leaves their phones.
  • Users who test positive can choose to share their data securely with their health authority.

Watch a Demo of the PathCheck GPS+ Solution