Working Together to Stop COVID-19

PathCheck Foundation is unleashing the power of a global community of organizations, researchers, health officials, and volunteers. We’re working together to build open source software, standards, and public health programs that help contain the pandemic, restart the economy, and protect individual freedom and privacy.


PathCheck was founded in February, 2020, at MIT by a passionate community of people and organizations to contain the spread of COVID-19 and help revitalize economies without sacrificing personal privacy. We’ve been pioneers in digital contact tracing and exposure notification technology. Our original technology was based on the MIT Private Kit: Safe Paths app created by Ramesh Raskar with Sandy Pentland, Kent Larson, and Kevin Esvelt.


More than 1,600 volunteers around the world have joined the PathCheck community, many of them working with PathCheck full time to help stop the pandemic. More than 100 developers in the open source community contribute to our projects. In addition to volunteers, we have a core team of full-time software developers, and a wide range of companies donate employee time to our work. We hope you’ll join us.


Many companies are donating goods and services to PathCheck Foundation, which makes our work possible. We’re grateful for this support. Some of our supporters include: